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Ignite Your Journey

What is World Class?

Have you ever delivered a speech believing you were BRILLIANT?

You thought: I connected, I entertained, they loved me!
The audience thought: Something else!

What was missing? Can you pinpoint it?
Would you like to learn the key elements that separate ‘good’ speakers from ‘World Class’ speakers?

Teresa will uncover in her workshop at least FIVE elements you need to know about being World Class and being REMEMBERED!

Come with a speech in mind – there will be some live coaching in this workshop.

The Leadership Compass

In order to understand your team members and work effectively together you need to understand what type of communicator/leader they are. Are they a North the go-getter; a South the nurturer; an East the visionary; or a West the analyst? Once you recognize what direction you and your team members are, the quicker you will know how to positively communicate as an effective team.

This workshop will enable you to understand how to be more flexible and to adapt your own work style with those around you. This opens up the possibility of being more receptive to those whose styles are different from your own – helping you become a more effective leader.

Teresa Dukes

Jim Boyd

Ignite with Videos

Nearly everything you wanted to know about using video analysis for speech evaluation but were afraid to ask.

Are you uncomfortable watching video playback of yourself speaking?

How about watching others on video?

Ever heard yourself say or heard someone say to you something like this at the end of evaluation, I really enjoyed your speech, but cant think of anything for you to improve upon?

Are you “really” serious about improving your speaking, listening, evaluation skills?

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions, then this is the workshop for you.

Come see and hear, how the use of widely available and relatively low-cost technology combined with some simple values. can provide you with a highly objective and focused way of evaluating your or anybody’s speech.

WARNING Use of video analysis can seriously improve your speaking.

Ignite Your Speeches

The Art of Storytelling

A good story is told eye to eye mind to mind and heart to heart.

Storytelling is truly an art form in its own right.

Find out how a professional story-teller convincingly brings characters to life.  How can you enhance your speeches with story-telling?

Colin Williamson

Claire  MacLaine

Ignite Your Humour

Find your Funny

Linguistic formula for creating humour.

Based on research as a speech and language therapist studying how humour is processed in the brain.

Find out how to make jokes to entertain your audience.

Ignite Your Clubs

Running Successful Clubs

Sam has been instrumental in setting up and running a fledgling club, Dunfermline Toasties.  It has gone from a seed to a successful club.  Find out how.

When you’re dealing with one of people’s three biggest fears in life, it is not enough to just run meetings, fill roles, assign speech slots, and try to get visitors through the door.

It is far more about how you do it, than what you do.

This will be a provoking workshop with plenty of opportunity for some insights into how you can ignite your club, grow it sustainably and share the passion for Toastmasters.

Expect to participate, be stimulated & come with a notepad and pen ready – this will be “Moments of Truth” on steroids.

Sam Forsberg

Moira Beaton

Ignite Your Learning

PATHWAYS one year on

Are you still on the traditional program and haven’t started pathways yet.

You have started but cannot get your head around all the technology and unfamiliar terms

You’re a new member ant don’t know how to get started.

In this workshop Moira will talk about.

  • compelling reasons for all members to start Pathways.
  • Ways clubs can encourage members to take the plunge.
  • A simple plan for getting started.

And there will be a quiz to test your pathways knowledge.

Ignite Your Self

The Elements of Brand Storytelling

How do you introduce Toastmasters as Brand?

How do you make Toastmasters personal to the one who needs them?

How do you get your friend, colleague, partner or enemy like the same thing you like?

If nothing above INTERESTS you, then do you want to make people hang on to every word you say? Lead them the way; they want to follow…

Then, you must master the Art of Storytelling to create the Brand… YOU

Sudha Mani