I sat on the train in Aberdeen and as we moved off, the train manager, I believe that this is the new name for guards in our modern society. What caught my ear was the very clear diction and pronunciation I have ever heard broadcast on a train, usually I struggle to hear what they are saying.

When I was asked for my ticket, I asked the lady if it had been her voice that I had heard earlier, when she replied that it had been her I proceeded to congratulate her and informed her how impressed I had been with the announcement. The smile on her face was a good start to both of our journeys.

As my role of Vice President of Public Relations of my club, I feel that it is my duty to promote Toastmasters International at every opportunity. I found out that at some point in her life she had in fact been trained by the BBC. I told her about the new club that would be opening in Aberdeen in the very near future, she eagerly passed me her contact details and I hope to see my train manager at the club in the future.

A compliment can work in strange ways. Why do you not give someone a compliment today and see what it brings for you.

Peter Stewart