Toastmasters D71 has achieved Distinguished District Status

Dear District 71 Members and Leaders

Thank you for your understanding, patience and support throughout the TI year of 2011 – 2012.  It has been and extraordinary year of challenge and change; pain and progress.  It is a testament to your commitment, your generosity-of-spirit and willingness-to-serve-others, that you are not alone on speaking terms with the District Leadership Team [DLT] members, but that we have formed a bond of respect and friendship with each other.  On behalf of the DLT members, I wish to thank you most sincerely for that.

As team members, you did not get distracted by Re-Branding, Re-Formation or Re-Alignments.  While all three of the afore-mentioned processes were really important, and while we engaged with them and completed the tasks required, we did not lose track of our core responsibility, namely, to provide a quality service to all of our members.  As with all team efforts, it is the team that sticks to the agreed game-plan, remains focused on the objectives and remains respectful to each other, that overcomes all obstacles.

So, how did we do as a District, in terms of our core Communication and Leadership commitments?  I am delighted to share with you today, the news that, despite all of the distractions: RE-Session, RE-Branding, RE-Formation and RE-Alignments, that challenged us throughout the year 2011 – 2012, we have achieved the status of Distinguished District.  We will not know for some time where that positions our District in the world rankings.

Have you, as Members and Leaders, made a significant contribution towards the future development of Toastmasters in theUKandIreland?  I would argue that you have made a very significant difference.  As members of the various leadership Teams:  Club, Area, Division and District  teams, [and I specifically want to include the Reformation Analysis Team (RAC) and the Division Re-Alignment Teams].  Yes, you have made an enormous contribution, as you have laid down new foundations, the blue-print and the structures for new Areas, new Divisions and a new District.  You have left a legacy of service and positive leadership that will inspire others to take on leadership roles into the future

These changes have rationalised our overcrowded Areas, Divisions and our District.  New leadership opportunities have now been provided for out members.  The number of clubs per Area can now be reduced to 4, with the exception being 5 in the case of towns and cities.  More members can now afford the cost / time to take on such responsibilities.

I cannot conclude without acknowledging the enormous contribution that the members of the District Leadership Team have made to all aspects of the management of District 71, particularly at a time of transition:-

Freddie Daniells, Luanne Kent, Hilary Briggs, Teresa Dukes, Martin Cowley [Treasurer] and Caroline O’Connor [Secretary] have attended more meetings, conference calls, answered more phone calls and text messages, given advice or shared experiences, than any top executive in a medium to large company, over the past year,

I have every confidence in commending the 2012 – 2013 District Team to our D71 members

District Governor:                    Freddie Daniells

Lt Governor Ed & Training      Luanne Kent

Lt Governor Marketing            Hilary Briggs

District PR Officer                  Ronnie Gillanders

Secretary                                Jean Gamester

Treasurer                                Jenny Crossley

Signed:-  Jim Hegarty [Immediate Past District Governor]