Congratulations to Sheila Fraser, who recently achieved the highest accolade in Toastmasters which is the Distinguished Toastmasters (DTM) Award. Achieving the DTM award is not easy as a member will have to give at least 40 speeches and serves various roles within the Toastmasters International Organisation. So far, there are six DTM awards being given to members in Scotland. Please find below a short journey that Sheila would like to share after achieving her DTM award as an encouragement to other members and gratitude to those who had supported her along the way.

Sheila Fraser,

Sheila Fraser, DTM

Many thanks for all the kind words that you sent me before, during and after my DTM speech on Wednesday evening. I was particularly impressed at the gathering of people who came for 8 different clubs in Scotland to hear my ‘Stop firing the bullets’ speech.

I have spent the morning completing all the paperwork and scanning documents for Toastmasters International, so all the records are in place for Linlithgow to get the DCP before the end of June.

The highlights for this journey

When asked to be take on the role as Toastmaster for the first time at Capital Communicators – saying ‘I am not really a Toastmasters person’ – I was wrong, I am a Toastmaster person and carried out the role 14 times in one year when Linlithgow Speakers was starting up. I now enjoy the role.

Being President the second time around at Linlithgow Speakers ‘I got it the Toastmasters thing’ How good the organisational structure is and all the collecting the wee numbers and procedures are there to help the clubs not hold them back. At this point the Toastmaster anoraks became friends.

Being Area 30 Governor last year advanced my knowledge of the Toastmasters Structure and also increased the number of friends I now have in UK and Ireland. Being isolated from the world at airports, in conferences and on Scottish islands with fellow Toastmasters is a fabulous way to create friendships.

And finally having the opportunity to fulfil a childhood dream and be a ballerina on the back of a horse – see

Thanks again for being, mentors, evaluators, room mates and friends.