Post written by Sheila Fraser DTM

SheilaFraser_blogMy message for 2014

Toastmasters in Scotland has expanded from one club to 16 clubs in the 14 years I have been a member. This is amazing growth that would have any business person interested. I am proud to be a part of the expansion of Scottish clubs.

The Toastmasters programme allows you to develop your Communication and Leadership skills at a very low cost. No Scottish clubs would cost you more than £100 per year (most being a lot less).

I am keen to expand the types of clubs we have in Scotland. There can be community clubs (that traditionally meet for 2 hours in the evening); corporate clubs -businesses that have staff members participating in a club, often in a lunch hour at the end of the working day and clubs in University and colleges. We have a few enquires that will be followed up in 2014.  Let’s explore and develop other models of Toastmasters clubs.

We have several ways to promote the existing Scottish clubs – this website, a public speaking in Scotland leaflet, blog posts like this and a Facebook page. I believe that all the existing Toastmasters in Scotland should be telling other people about Toastmasters. Ireland has over 75 clubs, with a similar population. Adding a note in your Christmas cards can alert other people in Scotland about their local clubs.

When I am in Belfast at the next Toastmasters conference – which will be Titanic!, I plan to ask people about how to run lots of clubs in small towns and rural communities. We can and will learn.

I have a clear message for the existing Toastmasters – ‘Tell people about Toastmasters’. Explain what we do and the advantages of both the Leadership and Communication programmes. Make your next speech about the advantages of Toastmasters to you, your work place and community work. And keep you leadership manuals up to date.

I also want to encourage mentoring. I believe this is a great way to develop yourself and support others. So get yourself a mentor and offer to mentor someone else. My tip when doing this is set a limit i.e. until the end of the year, until speech 10 is completed, or through an advanced leadership project.

It’s the time to get people talking about Scotland!

Sheila Fraser DTM (Distinguished Toastmaster) is a member of Linlithgow Speakers and Division S Governor. You can learn more about Sheila at