24th October 2015 Division S (Scotland) Speech Contests and Hall of Fame, hosted by Inverness TM  (with special thanks for the Cup Cakes!)                                                                            

Entertainment: a humorous poem written and delivered by Gill Shaw (Inverness TM) entitled “Harder than Bein’ a Wummin” and a very special General Evaluation by “Toastmaster in Training” Varshini Sankaran (aged 12)

Results of Division S International Speech Contest

1st – James McGinty (Southside Speakers, Area 60)

2nd – Srinivasan Sankaran (Perth TM, Area 43)

3rd – Sarah Maclean (Inverness TM, Area 43)

Results of Division S Table Topics Speech Contest (only 1st and 2nd place announced as there were 4 or less competitors)

1st – Laura Bruce (Inverness TM, Area 43)

2nd – Sheila Fraser (Linlithgow Speakers, Area 30)

Divison S Hall of Fame: Sheila Fraser, Div S Governor (2014/15) welcomes new clubs and presents special awards

Sheila announced that Toastmasters is like Lego “it allows creativity, is often changing but is always solid; where all the people are the same height but can take different roles and reach different achievements”.  She then handed-out Lego bricks to mark the achievement of the following members:

Gerry Dunn: gaining TMI Triple Crown Award

Oscar Merkx: arranging and promoting World Champion Speaker events in Edinburgh

Lee Stevenson and Max Ridder-Patrick for outstanding support to clubs

Moira Beaton and Jane Cameron for re-developing the TMI Scotland website (publicspeakinginscotland.com)

Jim J Davidson, IP Div S Governor (2013/14)