It has been almost six months since Haymarket Toastmasters had her maiden meeting on April 2012.  I would like to thank everyone who had selflessly invested their time, skills and passion towards the growth of Haymarket Toastmasters by taking on various meeting roles, supporting the meetings, providing education sessions, inspiring new members etc.

I am pleased to announce that the club now has 18 members and very soon we will reach our magic number 20! As of now, the active members of Haymarket Toastmasters are:

  1. Alex Roberts
  2. Anna Ruszel
  3. Arfaan Ahmed
  4. Dawn Kofie
  5. Euan Bayliss
  6. Eu Jin Teh
  7. Jodie Foley
  8. Kim Lau
  9. Ksenia Klyachina
  10. Linda Nugent
  11. Mariya Semenkovich
  12. Martin Burke
  13. Michael Russell
  14. Nelly Terekhova
  15. Owen Morley
  16. Rob Giddings
  17. Victoria Lau
  18. Viv Cockburn

When the club charters, the above members plus two new/tranferred/dual members will receive ‘Founding Member’ certificates from Toastmasters International.

As we have set our open night on 17th September 2012 (next meeting), we hope to get two new/transferred/dual members ideally by end of this month for us to charter the club. Therefore, can I ask you all to continue to promote Haymarket Toastmasters and encourage friends, family or colleague to come along the Haymarket Toastmasters Open Night on the 17th September?

Thanks for your support so far and looking forward to see you all in our future meetings.

Eu Jin Teh

Eu Jin Teh

Eu Jin Teh – Club President