Eu Jin Teh

Eu Jin Teh, Club President, Haymarket Toastmasters

Fellow members and guests, I am pleased to announce that Haymarket Toastmasters have more than 20 members and therefore, have successfully achieved its chartership status in October 2012! Since our maiden meeting on 16th April 2012, the committee members, fellow members of Haymarket Toastmasters, and many other ardent supporters from our sister clubs (Capital Communicators and Waverley Communicators) have worked very hard in molding the culture of the club.

Fun, Educational and Supportive. These are the three words that I would like to describe meetings at Haymarket Toastmasters. These three words have over the months formed the pillars of our meetings. In the 40th Anniversary issue of The Toastmaster magazine, Ralph C. Smedley quoted that “Let us never forget that we learn in moments of enjoyment. Fellowship is important in Toastmasters. Our members stay in their clubs because they like each other and they are learning together”. Therefore, echoing this spirit, I would like to continue to make every club meeting, every committee meeting and every external function an event that is fun, educational and supportive.

In every journey that we make, we need a compass and a map to guide us to our destination. As the Toastmasters Education program is a trial and tested blueprint in developing confidence that has benefited over four million people in the last 88 years, I would like to use this program (which comprises Communication Track and Leadership Track) as a road map for Haymarket Toastmasters.

Haymarket Toastmasters are proud of the mentoring program which has been set up at the very beginning of our club’s existence. We believe that developing one’s self as a mentor for others will greatly benefit not only the mentees but the mentor himself/herself. There is a saying that “In learning you will teach, and in teaching you will learn.” Therefore, as for our compass, I would like to set the target that every founding member of Haymarket Toastmasters (22 members who chartered with the club on October 2012) will become a mentor by 30 June 2013.

I would like to thank each and everyone of you who have selflessly dedicated your time and effort in supporting new members and the club meetings. I hope the club will continue to receive these great currencies of selfless love and thirst for learning from members and guests. Let us together make our meetings and events Fun, Educational and Supportive. Let us make our every Toastmasters meeting the most exciting event in our town/city!

Eu Jin Teh

Club President
Haymarket Toastmasters