By Darren Hardy

In the last post we discussed the unconquerable power of confidence. Let me now pass along a couple ideas from two known experts on the topic.

First is Sam Horn, who wrote the book Concrete Confidence. She suggested, if you are looking to act more confident and be more confident, to “learn to speak confidently.”

I believe that is true. Your ability to speak clearly, persuasively and confidently does wonders to the totality of your confidence in general.

It doesn’t matter whether your business requires you to speak in front of groups or not; being able speak confidently and persuasively is a critical element to your greater success.

And like any skill you want to develop, you need to study it, practice it and do it a lot.

So here are my suggestions:

1. Go buy three books on becoming a better communicator, one-on-one and in front of groups.
2. Join Toastmasters or some other networking or Mastermind group that will require you to present your ideas in front of a group (meaning practice).
3. I challenge you to offer your speaking, training or lectures for free at high schools, universities, local service groups or other places (more practice).

Almost every hall of fame speaker I know started off scared to death to speak in front of small groups, but you’d never know it. Why? Because they did exactly the kind of thing I just outlined to you.

Don’t allow yourself to settle for mediocrity in this area. Stretch, grow and improve in your ability to speak confidently. It will do wonders to the confidence of your entire person.

Next, Debbie Ford, who is best known for Shadow Process, and her latest book, Courage: Overcoming Fear & Igniting Self-Confidence.