I am lucky enough to be in a business that takes me to different cafés and there is one thing that I wish to ask your opinion on. Are coffee shops etc stopping the art of conversation, let me explain, just about every shop and bar I have been in recently has had loud thumping music. |Looking at the staff I found that most of them were inevitability young and it was there type of music that was playing.

Due to my time as a member of Toastmasters International, I feel that I am better that handling this situation. I approach with a smile and politely ask if it would be possible to turn the music down and I also ask if there is anything more background type that they could play, at this point I request a song by Matt Monro, that usually throws them in to confusion.

The surprise is that on every occasion so far the music has ben turned down and other guests have made a comment to me or thanked me and commented that they wished that they had the courage to “complain” like I had done. Personally I did not see it as a complaint, more of a request, if they had said that is the way the cafe is run, there would have been no problem from me, I would probably have drank my coffee and moved on accepting that they wanted young vibrant people rather than old foggies like me.

Are you for coffee with or with out music?

Peter Stewart