Members of Caledonian TM

Caledonian TM meets on campus at Glasgow Caledonian University – although we are a community club. We receive favourable room rates (free actually) and are therefore keen to support the GCU Common Good strategy. We were invited to deliver a workshop in February 2016 to students to help them with their presentation skills – what a great opportunity for our members! We rehearsed our sessions – on vocal variety, body language, dealing with nerves and general speaking tips – and were pleased to hear that the session was fully booked with 50 participants.

Our workshop was presented with positive energy, excellent structure and great delivery skills – as you would expect from Toastmasters! We’ve received very good feedback from the participants and we used the opportunity to promote Toastmasters in Scotland. We are planning another similar workshop for students and have been invited to support PhD students in their preparation for 3 Minute Thesis Challenge (to effectively explain their research in three minutes, in a language appropriate to a non-specialist audience in an accessible and engaging way).

Special thanks to GCU Graduate School and to all our wonderful members at Caledonian Toastmasters. Jane Cameron, Caledonian Toastmasters, Glasgow