On the sunny Saturday afternoon with Edinburgh’s beautiful weather, the Area 30 International Speech Contest and Speech Evaluation Contests were held at Old St Paul’s Church Hall near Waverley Train Station.  The event was buzzed with excitement with approximately 40 attendees from Toastmasters clubs across central belt to witness this momentous event.  Anthony Day – our current Division E Governor, Kevin Lee – Area 30 Governor, and Medha De Alwis – Assistant Area 30 Governor were present.

The contests were chaired by Eileen Scott of Waverley Communicators with the judging panel led by Jim Boyd from Linlithgow Speakers.

There were six speakers for the International Speech Contest.  They are: –

  1. Rebecca Perry representing Southside Speakers – Choose to be Challenged
  2. Pauline Dix representing Waverley Communicators – Volunteering is Fab
  3. James Reeve representing Capital Communicators – Homogeneity
  4. Steve Priddle-Higson representing Linlithgow Speakers – The Coffin in the Room
  5. Euan Dilston-Bayliss representing Haymarket Toastmasters – Make it Chocolate
  6. Edmund MacKay representing Glasgow Toastmasters – Me and the Rats

02 Group Photos With the International Speech Contestants

International Speech Contest Participants and Contest Chair – Clockwise from top left: Euan MacKay, Rebecca Perry, Eileen Scott, Pauline Dix, Steve Priddle-Higson; Euan Dilston-Bayliss and James Reeve.

The awards for the Area 30 International Speech Contest go to: –

  • First Place – James Reeve from Capital Communicators
  • Second Place – Steve Priddle-Higson from Linithgow Speakers
  • Third Place – Edmund Mackay from Glasgow Toastmasters

James Revee’s Interview


There were seven evaluators participated in the Speech Evaluation Contest with the test speech given by Dawn Kofie from Haymarket Toastmasters.  The contestants are: –

  1. Avril Stringer from Linlithgow Speakers
  2. Simon Maclaren from Capital Communicators
  3. Medha De Alwis from Falkirk Orators
  4. Calum McDermott from Glasgow Toastmasters
  5. Rebecca Perry from Southside Speakers
  6. Euan Dislton-Bayliss from Haymarket Toastmasters
  7. Moira Beaton from Waverley Communicators
05 Speech Evalluation Contest Contestants

Speech Evaluation Contest Participants

Speech Evaluation Contest Participants, Test Speaker and Contest Chair – Left to right: Anthony Day, Simon MacLaren, Euan Dilston-Bayliss, Eileen Scott, Avril Stringer, Dawn Kofie, Moira Beaton, Rebecca Perry.

The awards for the Area 30 International Speech Contest go to: –

  • First Place – Moira Beaton from Waverley Communicators
  • Second Place – Medha De Alwis from Falkirk Orators
  • Third Place – Rebecca Perry from Southside Speakers

Moira’s Interview


I would like to thank those who are able to attend, assist and enjoy the lovely contests.

Below  are some more photos from the day