Sheila Fraser of Linlithgow Speakers in Division S gives 10 tips for promoting your club . Try them, they work!

  1. Contact the local Chamber of Commerce and ask to run a workshop. They often ask members to do a 2-minute pitch. These are not great and many people don’t join the chambers because they are asked to do them.
  2. TSI’s (Third Sector Interfaces) – these use to be called CVS’s, but have different names across the country. They have access to all the local voluntary sector organisations. Find your local TSI here
  3. Get Involved! is a data base of all the not- for- profits in Scotland.  Also (access to local information in Scotland)
  4. Trawl Twitter for people tweeting about local events and send them a DT (direct tweet) about your club.
  5. Get members to tweet and add bits to Facebook about your club and the activities. Some Toastmasters clubs don’t have a website and only use Facebook for promotion.
  6. Your local council might have a section of local groups. See West Lothians and remember your club might cover more than one local authority area.
  7. Google Maps – there are contact details of many businesses in your area
  8. Eventbrite – put your meeting up (Linlithgow had two people come along as a result of this PR).You can set up an event for each Toastmasters meeting. Once you set up one meeting, you can copy it and change the dates.  Over time you can tweek the page and add pictures etc.  Just another way to get found.You can also use their mailing list feature to manage any prospect emails you might have.
  9. Put a Toastmaster magazine in your local dentist with a sticker on the front with your club details
  10. Have a ‘PR week’, when everyone in your club does one or two things to promote the club.