Post written by Yiyu Chen

Perth Humorous Speech and Table Topics Contests is the first contest that I attended since joining TM at the start of 2014.

If you, like myself, have not yet attended any contests, the Humorous Speech contest is a great one to kickstart your journey by meeting TM stars and stars in the making.


James Shoemark, member Capital Communicators, who came 3rd in the Humorous Speech contest

The Division S Humorous Speech contest, held in Perth, was one filled with singing, music, dancing, live kung-fu fighting moves, embarrassing past stories, a sock puppet, stage crafts and, of course, plenty of belly-clenching, tears-rolling, sides-splitting laughter.

Let me start with the beautiful singing that Contestant Lucy Butters wove into her Humorous Speech – “What is a Lady”. It was a warm, heartening speech with a humorous angle looking at the prevailing social prejudices of her youth in Scotland. In addition, Lucy’s expert use of the stage and gestures won her the second place.


James Shoemark’s stage presence teleported us back to his youth when he was a mischievous teen who often got into comical misunderstandings with the police. All of us were taken right there with him when he fell into a hole in the ground and was sheepishly explaining to the police that he was trying to hide from them. Humour aside, James’s story emphasised the importance and consequences of the choices that we make every day. James won the third place.

I mentioned live kung fu-fighting, music, a sock puppet and a plethora of stage crafts at the beginning and it all came alive in the winning speech by Conor Hunter. In his speech, Conor recounted his journey of being disheartened after not placing in last year’s speech contest and turning to an embarrassing past addiction – Sudoku! He shared with us his intimate conversations with his close companion ‘cat’ who inspired him to re-enter the competition again.


Renee Philippi, member Capital Communicators who came 2nd in he Table Topics Contest

The afternoon also hosted the Division S Table Topics competition where Renee Philippi from our club won second place. With the Table Topic – What was your greatest achievement, and what impact did it have on you, your family and the world? Renee firmly placed her experience with TM from day one of gaining communication skills to accumulating more and more experiences and techniques as her great achievement. As she travels, it continues to have a far reaching impact where she spreads the benefits of TM to people across the world about fluently expressing themselves.

As the Contest Chair, Erick Rainey, concluded the afternoon, some of us walked away with prizes, some without, some with the idea of entering the next competition, but all with the satisfaction of a fantastic day.

The best prize, however, was taking part and the experience itself.
Whether you’re competing with James for stage presence, or battling Renee for your place as Table Topic King or Queen, I look forward to seeing you at the next TM contest!

Yiyu Chen is a member of Capital Communicators, Edinburgh