Trophies2It’s Toastmasters contest season again in 15,400 clubs in 135 countries all over the world.

This time round members are competing in the International Speech Contest and the Evaluation Contest.

Why compete?

Contests are another way that Toastmasters offers members the opportunity to challenge  themselves and take their communication and leadership skills to new levels.  But even if you don’t want to compete, you can help run the contest through various leadership roles, many of which count towards a leadership award.

A well-run contest

A contest that’s well-run not only ensures that it’s an enjoyable experience for the audience, but a contest that is run according to the Toastmaster Rulebook is crucial to giving every contestant a fair and equal chance of success.


The two key players in a Toastmaster contest are the Chairman and the Chief Judge, and it’s important to prepare in advance – even if you are experienced. This is one occasion when it’s not advisable to ‘wing it’. All the information you need is in the Rulebook.

Contest materials

Toastmasters International provides Clubs, Areas and Divisions with all the materials they need to run a successful contest.

You can order the International Speech Contest Kit and the Evaluation Contest Kit, as well as the free digital versions from the Toastmasters International shop. The kits include copies of the current Rulebook.

How to enter

To enter the International Speech Contest, a contestant must be a member in good standing of a club in good standing, and have already delivered 6 speeches from the Competent Communication manual. At the contest, they are required to deliver a 5-7 minute speech on any topic (for specifics, see the Rulebook).

To enter the Evaluation Contest, a contestant must be a member in good standing of a club in good standing. They are required to deliver a 2-3 minute evaluation of a 5-7 minute test speech (for specifics, see the Rulebook).

Where to next?

The contests begin at club level and the winners go on to compete at Area, Division and District levels. And, in the case of the International Speech Contest, the winners at District level go forward to the semi finals and finally, the World Championship of Public Speaking. Could you be the next World Champion?

Division S Contest Dates

Saturday 2nd April 2016    Area 43  in Dundee (Time and Venue TBC)

Sunday 3rd April  2016      Area 60 in Glasgow (Time and Venue TBC)

Saturday 9th April 2016     Area 30 at State Street, Ferry Road, Edinburgh (Time TBC)

Sunday 24th April 2016     Division S in Glasgow (Time and Venue TBC)

If you want to find out more about competing in or running a speech contest, go the Toastmasters International Speech Contest FAQ page.