Speechcraft Course - Morning Group

Speechcraft Course – Morning Group

Speechcraft Course - Afternoon Group

Speechcraft Course – Afternoon Group

As part of our outreach program, Livingston Speakers has just run a six week Speechcraft Course for 20 council employees from the departments of Access 2 Employment and Community Regeneration.

During the course the students practised giving prepared speeches, giving impromptu speeches, introducing a speaker, and evaluating a speaker.

Guidance along the way has been provided by the Toastmasters Speechcraft manuals and feedback from members of Livingston Speakers and members of other Toastmaster clubs in Edinburgh.

It has been very rewarding to see all the students gradually develop their confidence and speaking skills over the six weeks of the course.

At the final meeting the students received their certificates of participation, and invitations to a meeting of Livingston Speakers.

Well done to all those who took part in the course; and thanks also to all those Toastmasters who helped us out over the six weeks.

Post written by Pauline Dix CC, ALB, President Livingston Speakers