In a change from the usual meeting format, the club ended the year with a bit of fun and “tall tales”.

Instead of a formal prepared speech from one of the manuals, everyone gets a chance to deliver a short 3-4 minute personal story which may be either true or false.  Then instead of the usual evaluations, there is a vote via a show of hands to find out how many of the audience believed the tale to be true and how many believed it to be false.  The idea is to fool folks into believing true is false and vice versa, with the winner being whoever can fool the most people!

There were six “tall tales” this year.  We had schoolgirls setting up an enterprise to sell sweeties and cigarettes to their classmates; a chance encounter with Billy Connolly in an Edinburgh pub back in the seventies; a disastrous appearance as Santa in a childhood ballet show; a day at school ending with the surprise appearance of top athlete Jonathan Edwards; a wrong turning taken near Kinlochewe leading to the “wrong” Shieldaig; and a trip to Russia involving an unexpected solo rendition of an Irish song and culminating in taking part in a band performance to an audience of over a million.

The contest was chaired in style by our club sponsor Eoin McDunphy.

Third Place Alison McRae

Second place Stuart Gurney

Winner Tall Tales Contest Pauline Dix







Following the “tall tales”, participants were asked to open their sealed envelopes to reveal whether the tales were true or false; points were then allocated on the basis of the earlier votes.

After club business and a short table topics session, the winners were announced.

Taking third place with her Billy Connolly encounter was Alison McRae; runner up with his Jonathan Edwards encounter was Stuart Gurney; whilst the winner with her Santa appearance was Pauline Dix.




Post written by Pauline Dix, VPE Livingston Speakers