In Livingston Speakers we have appointed a Mentoring Manager to ensure the recent 8 new members have the opportunity  to be matched with a mentor.

This position  was taken by Colin Williamson, past VPPR, who will ensure that the right opportunity  is given to all members.

Already  people have offered to mentor as well as people who want to be mentees and depending on what is requested  then a potential  match is offered.  This is not always the best  match and we explore what members expectations  and what is offered.

This position  has commenced  as many new members have joined the club and the office bearers wanted to encourage  a positive experience for our members.

We always try to include members in working through their CC manuals, and in the CL manual is an opportunity  to  mentor and this is one way to encourage  members to offer support  and guidance.

Although this is not an office bearer position, it is one which Livingston Speakers will look at going forward  to check the advantages to the club and it’s members.

The best professional relationships are ones that consist of mutual respect and learning. As a leader, it may be your job to expand on your team’s abilities and knowledge; however, you likely have just as much to learn from them as they do from you.

If any other club or members have any advice guidance or support  they can offer on mentoring  then please let us  know.

Post written by Helen Kelly, VPPR Livingston Speakers