Post written by Pauline Dix CC, ALB

Our first ever Club Speech Contest night was an evening of entertainment and enjoyment.

The meeting was opened by Graeme Buck chairing the Humorous Speech Contest, who welcomed everyone and explained the format of the evening.

We were treated to speeches from Liz, Stephen, Alison and Pauline.

Liz told a tale of her battle with some overgrown trees in her garden; Stephen amused us with his plans to liven up his dark winter evenings, Alison revealed the funny quirks of following Falkirk Football Club; then Pauline described an unusual Highland Games Gathering.

After the break Penny Haywood Calder welcomed us back and introduced the Table Topics Contest.

We had five brave contestants: Bruce, Paul, Stephen, Pauline, and David Calder from Haymarket Toastmasters.

The topic was chosen by Chief Judge Eoin McDunphy and handed over to Penny at the start of the contest. Contestants were then escorted out of the room and came back each in turn to respond to the topic “Does Bandaid genuinely help the people of Africa or does it do more to promote the popstars involved?”

After club business, Eoin returned to announce the results and present certificates to the winners.

The winners:

David Calder, winner of the Table Topics contest

David Calder, winner of the Table Topics contest

Table Topics Contest: 3rd place: Paul Keegan; 2nd place: Pauline Dix; 1st place: David Calder

Liz Kerr, winner of the Humorous Speech Contest

Liz Kerr, winner of the Humorous Speech Contest

Humorous Speech contest: 2nd place: Alison McRae; 1st place: Liz Kerr

Many thanks to all our contestants and to all who helped out as judges and contest officials.

It was great to welcome the Edinburgh Toastmasters – Eoin, member of Capital Communicators and Area 30 Governor; Iwona, member of Waverley Communicators, Penny and David, members of Haymarket Toastmasters, and Tom Duncan from Linlithgow Speakers.







Pauline Dix is President of Livingston Speakers and Treasurer of Linlithgow Speakers