Post written by Max Ridder-Patrick, Vice President PR, Haymarket Toastmasters

New PictureIn honour of Halloween, Haymarket held our hellish halloween theme night on Monday.

The ghoulishly good event was run by Lorna “the green witch” McCallum and table topics were dreadfully (well) directed by our very own President Mike “Dracula” Russell.

The evening was opened with a few pertinent lines by the witches from Shakespeares’ MacBeth leaving our Toastmaster of the evening, hoarse albeit briefly and to great effect.

Two great speeches followed on an epic tale of a 105 mile journey and another about the perils of wrestling with client services.

After the interlude the Count rose for terrible and trepidatious Table Topics. Pertinent prey selected, the Count guided us on a journey of monstrous motifs and marvelous misadventure.

Continuing on in the same vein, feedback was delivered, in a magnificent manner, by the three constant ghostly presences of the Ah counter, time keeper and wordmaster/grammarian.

Theme nights are a fun way to insert (additional) levity into a Toastmasters meeting and give everyone the chance to revel in childlike joy and silliness whilst learning to speak in public.