Haymarket Toastmasters experience it for yourself…

Haymarket Toastmasters the newest addition to Toastmasters clubs in Edinburgh held a second successful meeting at the Scots Guard Club in Haymarket on the 30th of April. Neil Campbell hosted the meeting as The Toastmaster of the evening. He guided the meetings proceedings with a charismatic approach whilst creating a supportive atmosphere.

I made my second speech where I spoke of the forgotten heroes of the Titanic. My nerves shone through and got the better of me.  However, the reassuring evaluation that Rob Giddings gave on my speech pointed out what I can work on to improve performance aspects of speech making. His evaluation not only provided me with positive feedback but also reiterated to the audience why Toastmasters is so important. The Toastmasters journey will help us to find our voice and discover the confidence within ourselves to become effective public speakers.

What Robert reminded the audience is that the key to this is persistence and practice or ‘more stage time’.  His encouraging evaluation was rewarded at the end of the meeting when he received the best evaluation ribbon. This reward also demonstrates how his performance was acknowledged and supported by club members’.

Best Evaluation

Simon & Rob

Melanie Sherwood inspired us with a speech entitled ‘Kaizen Rhymes with Dry Pen’. Kaizen is a Japanese philosophy that means ‘improvement’ or ‘change for the better’. Melanie spoke of how the Kaizen philosophy could be adopted in our own workplace to focus on continuous improvement processes. Renee Philippi provided Melanie with constructive feedback.

Following this Eu Jin educated us on what comes after the Competent Communicator Manual.  Haymarket Toastmasters is establishing an educational culture within the club by allocating a monthly education session to our agenda.  Michael Russell’s table topic session was in keeping with the current ‘Zeitgeist’ with a topic title of May Day. It was a fun session with members and guests braving the dreaded impromptu speech session.

The next meeting is fast approaching on the 14th of May! So why not come along and take friends with you to see if you enjoy the Toastmasters experience just as much as we do at Haymarket Toastmasters.

Linda Nugent VPPR Haymarket Toastmasters.