Post written by Mike Russell, President Haymarket Toastmasters


IMG_0129The meeting of Haymarket Toastmasters, on Monday 13th October, was a special one in that we welcomed Toastmasters Alan and Jane Cobcroft, from Auckland, New Zealand who are holidaying in Europe and visiting their daughter in the UK (in the photograph above, they are 4th and 5th from the right).

There are 70 Toastmaster Clubs in Auckland alone, they told us!

Jane is the VP Education of Silver Service Club, and Alan is President of Harrison Road Club, both in Auckland.

They enjoyed our meeting, and our Club was enriched by the company of two such experienced Toastmasters from so far afield. In fact, they have the distinction of being the guests who have travelled the furthest to our meeting since Haymarket Toastmasters was established in 2012–a total of 17,874 Km!

We have also entertained visiting Toastmasters this year from Austin, Texas, and from China, as well as from other Clubs in the UK.

It is always interesting to hear our visitors’ views on one’s own Club…the similarities and differences between those visitors’ Clubs and our own.

We can all learn from them, and it was a useful reminder to our own members that, when travelling, particularly overseas, that it might be worth checking out in advance which Toastmaster Clubs are in the vicinity of those visits, to see if a visit can be arranged.