To Edinburgh Advanced Toastmasters

by Edwyn Newman


There’s a club that’s been formed in the city,
That’s noted for speaking and fun,
And several competent Toasties
Have joined to improve on their puns


The question that’s got to be answered
Is something that’s quite plain to see
Why on earth should I join this new venture?
What could there be in it for me?


I already go to club meetings
My leadership’s coming on fine
My ums and my ahs have been conquered
I even stop speaking on time


These questions deserve a good answer,
they can’t just be left on the shelf
But I’m not here to try to persuade you,
you need to do that for yourself.


If your nerves are as steady as rock cakes
Your speech organization is great
Then go and lie down on your laurels,
Additions could really tempt fate


But if you have just a wee inkling,
That further improvements are due-
Then this could be something quite useful,
You might just enjoy the thing too!


In case this announcement confuses,
I’ll state without fear of regret
Advanced clubs are something quite special
I know, ‘cause I haven’t left yet


Without overdoing the promo,
Our meetings are always a treat
And in case you’ve forgotten already
The club is the one we call EAT


I’ve come to the end of this ditty,
It’s time for my brain to be still
If you don’t want to join then you willnae
If you do want to join then you will!

Poem written by Edwyn Newman ACS, CL – member and sponsor of EAT, member of Capital Communicators, Immediate Past Area Director Area 30