Great Result for Capital Communicators, public speaking club, in Aberdeen.

Our club champions have gone on from our Club to ‘clean up’ at the Area Championships and represent us at the Toastmasters International Division Championship in Aberdeen.

The standard was very high in both competitions and Melanie did brilliantly to win the International Speech Competition.  She will be going on to the District final in Wexford on 12/13 May.

Public speaking champion

Melanie Sherwood

Eoin also came 2nd in the Evaluation Competition.

Eoin McDunphy

It was a close run contest and the judges did mention having to call on the Tiebreaking Judge on two occasions.

I am sure you will join me in congratulating them both and thanking them for representing us so well.


Some more photos from the event. Thanks to all the club members who traveled to support our Champions.