History of Toastmasters in Scotland

Historical timeline

  • 1937 – Glasgow TM Club Chartered
  • 1946 – District 18 of Scotland becomes the first district organized outside USA; Mr AB Young was District Governor
  • 1946 – International Toastmistress Club chartered in Scotland; first outside North America
  • 1949 – 20 TM Clubs in Scotland
  • 1959 –  76 TM Clubs in Scotland
  • 1971/2 – All Scottish clubs withdrew from Toastmasters to become part of ASC
  • 1996 – Capital Communicators TM Club Chartered; still meeting in 2013 and President’s Distinguished Club
  • 2002 – Glasgow TM Chartered (again); still meeting in 2013 and President’s Distinguished Club
  • 2013 – Division S formed within D71 (Britain and Ireland); 16 TM Clubs in Scotland and growing

There is a strong public speaking heritage in Scotland – in 1959, there were 76 Toastmaster clubs!

In those days, club founders such as Mr Will Goldie, Mr Jim Ewart and Mr Dave Moffat were tireless in their efforts to start new clubs across the length and breadth of Scotland – and at that time membership was male only!

The Toastmaster organisation in Britain and Ireland entered a turbulent time in 1970s and the majority of clubs converted to the ASC organisation, many of which still meet today.

However, Toastmasters International is once again an expanding, vibrant and relevant association and we are growing our momentum and increasing our influence in Scotland; we have our eye on that previous number of 76 Toastmaster clubs – and we’d like to exceed it.

With over 5 million people in Scotland there is considerable potential for more new clubs.

We have identified clusters of population density (with an eye on geography and transport links), and are tapping into social media and business and community networks.

The most precious resource in new club building is the members and we have many new and experienced members who have the energy and commitment to build new clubs and support each other.

We are very proud of the achievements of our members so it’s onwards and upwards for Toastmasters in Scotland.