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Our survey suggested interest in a fun contest with a split between table topics and tall tales – there were a couple of other suggestion.

As many clubs put on a Tall Tales contest AND there is an official Table Topics contest, it has been decided to do something which incorporates a bit of a tall tale and a bit of impromptu speaking.

The Theme

Truth or Lies – tell us 3 things about yourself that are either true or made up.  This session is a bit like the TV programme, “Would I lie to you”.

For example : “I once played football for Scotland in the World Cup Finals”

How it works

  1. Each contestant prepares their 3 Truths or Lies in advance and sends them by email to Avril, along with whether they are a truth or a lie by 9th February 2019.  A confirmation email of receipt will be sent to each contestant.  At least one must be true and one must be a lie. These will be placed in envelopes and randomly picked out at the contest.  In the event that more than one contestant submits a statement the same as or largely similar to another contestant’s, both contestants will be asked to provide another.
  2. Each contestant will choose lots to determine the speaking order.
  3. When it is the contestant’s turn to speak, they will become known as the Speaker; all other contestants will become Judges of that Speaker.
  4. The Contest chair will randomly choose an envelope for each Speaker (from the 3 provided) and read aloud its contents.
  5. There will then be a 3 minute question and answer session – the Judges or the audience can ask questions about the specifics of this claim. For example “What year did Scotland play in the World Cup Finals?” “Who did they play against” etc.  The Contest Chair will facilitate this session.
  6. The Speaker will then have 30 seconds to summarise why their claim is true – they can re-iterate answers already given or introduce new material.
  7. The Judges will now vote on whether they think it is Truth or Lie.
  8. The answer will then be revealed. The Judges who got the answer correct will each receive a point.  The Speaker will receive 2 points for each of the Judges that got it wrong.
  9. The maximum number of contestants will be 10. If there are 5 or less contestants, each contestant will be the Speaker twice and have a different statement read out from their 3 possible statements.  If there are 6 contestants or more, each contestant will be the Speaker once.
  10. TIE BREAKER – In the event of a tie for first place, those who are tied will be eligible to go forward to the tie breaker phase using the following method
    1. A statement will be read out which will be true or false, for example, A “crottle” is a lichen used in Scotland to make a brownish dye for wool. The contestants vote for Truth or Lie.  If they get it wrong, they are eliminated.  If all contestants get it wrong, they can continue to the next question.
    2. This continues until there is only one contestant remaining.
    1. The Question and Answer session will last for 3 minutes. An additional 30 seconds will be allowed to sum up the last question that was asked, at which point, the speaker will be interrupted.  The Green, yellow and red cards will be used at 2 minutes, 2.5 minutes and 3 minutes.
    2. The 30 second summary will be allowed an additional 15 seconds to complete. Only the red card will be shown (at 30 seconds).
    3. Points may be deducted at the Contest Chair’s discretion for going over these times.
    4. The Contest Chair may put a time limit on decisions made by the contestants in the tie breaker and may even eliminate contestants.
  12. At the end of the contest, there will be a winner who will receive a much-coveted prize!

The Fun Element

Please note that this contest is a fun contest and is not to be taken seriously.  Contestants should prepare for the best strategy they think will win them points.  They should also prepare for possible heckling by the audience or unexpected questions from the Judges or audience.  This is NOT a Toastmaster style contest with 1 minute silences or no-one being allowed in or out of the room.

Whose the Boss?

The decision of the Contest Chair will be final.  Rules may be subject to final tweaks.

How To Enter


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